I have had my hands full this week, but wanted to let you know I have been following your interactions with XYZ from a distance. I am totally at ease knowing that you are on top of this as a subject matter expert. Thank you for taking such good care of our customer. You have totally earned our business going forward.
The primary reason I recommended TABLETmedia is because their customer service has been exemplary on every project they have done for my customers in the past.
I am not sure if you have any idea what a delight it was chatting with you today! I have heard nothing but good things about your expertise and engagement AND support.
Just want you to know your products work well. We have a small shop but I do promote your product. Those customers who have it are very pleased, and you yourself have helped me so much to make them happy.
Your responsiveness yesterday was noted and appreciated by both the customer and us. I told him that is why we recommended your company. Thank you for being a good partner.
We really appreciate your support and know we can count on you and your company to stand behind your products.
I appreciated the “Can Do” attitude more than you can imagine! We face a lot of challenges in the industry. I know that you have been a TREMENDOUS help to Integration.
I wanted to thank you for the walkthrough yesterday and to say that the clear layout of the radio programming changes you made helps me understand and locate them. Greatly appreciated.
Appreciate all your hard work. You really know all the systems involved and made quick work of fixes.
Thanks for everything you do for us!
Excellent, thanks for going above the call of duty.
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Based in Silicon Valley, in 2001 TABLETmedia pioneered wireless VoIP and mobile videoconferencing for cellular devices and operators. As Intel’s top partner in the field, several device and equipment manufacturers embedded its software in high-volume products.

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