Telephone Interconnect

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Telephone Interconnect connects radios to corporate office phone systems (PBX) or the public switched telephone network (PSTN), routing calls to individuals or groups of radios.

It is the most versatile product of its kind for MOTOTRBO radios, and its many capabilities include:

  • Pre-program a button to make emergency calls
  • Transfer calls to security guards’ radios while away from their desk
  • Use the company’s phone system to dial a specific radio or talkgroup
  • Make emergency calls to the AllCall talkgroup

Telephone Interconnect offers the features of a traditional analog phone patch while adding the benefits of both VoIP telephony and MOTOTRBO™ radios. Besides voice announcements, text messaging is also used for signaling to make and hang up calls and notify the caller ID of incoming calls. In case the call is missed, it is easy to call back by simply replying to the caller-ID text message.

Telephone Interconnect is flexible in handling calls: it can be configured to route an incoming call to either a predefined talkgroup or individual radio or to the built-in integrated interactive voice response system (IVR) where the user can dial a specific radio or talkgroup or, using VoIP PBXs SIP trunks, to extensions can be mapped to individual radios or groups. Support for MOTOTRBO™’s transmit interrupt makes 3/4-duplex operation friendly to phone callers.

Telephone Interconnect acts as a simple telephone extension of an IP-based PBX connected through the LAN. It also supports legacy analog telephone systems using an inexpensive external analog FXO gateway adapter.

It does not require option boards to be installed in the radio or other license keys and support any MOTOTRBO™ architecture (conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, and Connect Plus) as well as analog radios. Only one control station is required to allow such flexibility and reduce deployment costs.

Telephone Interconnect is based on TRBOserver, allowing for additional expansion to mass notifications, email, indoor location, GPS export, dispatch, SCADA, telemetry, call recording, and other capabilities. It is shipped in a pre-configured turnkey system with a radio cable and remote support tools.

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