eztracker@trbo: Simple Fleet Tracking

eztracker@trbo™ is a single-position application for real-time fleet tracking using OpenStreetMaps and text messaging.

It allows to:

  • Visualize the individual position of each radio
  • Monitor if your vehicles are heading into traffic and reroute them appropriately
  • Text individual or group of radios

eztracker@trbo™ answers many customers’ requests interested in locating their assets without incurring the cost burden of unnecessary features. It also does not require a dedicated server, thus minimizing the overall TCO.

eztracker@trbo™ runs on any Microsoft Windows PC with internet access. It interfaces to the radio system either via a MOTOTRBO mobile radio connected via USB or directly over the network to the repeater. The mobile radio can simultaneously act as a traditional base station for simpler deployments and be operated for voice calls using the connected microphone. In addition, eztracker@trbo™ can also support a second control station for GPS revert operation to offload the GPS reporting to a data channel.

eztracker@trbo™ only displays active radios that have registered their presence, thus reducing confusion with others that are turned off or out-of-range. It is truly easy to install and intuitive to operate, requiring minimal or no training.

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