The TABLETmedia Difference

Quality products at affordable prices with best-in-class support. We offer the most comprehensive suite of US-made MOTOTRBO software applications and cloud-based services

  • Quality
  • Best-in-class support
  • Proven: Fortune 10 customers

Quality products at affordable prices with best-in-class support.


Our products complement each other with flexible upgrade paths.


Our application software is very light and flies even on entry-level systems without any processing and memory hungry frameworks.

Tailored Systems

We believe in pre-sales support – a lot of it! We carefully listen to your requirements and help you architect the solution that most closely meets your needs.

Low Stress

IT is our background, so we understand how to make our software work on your networks and how to make them simpler for your operators.


Once setup, our products have proven to work for months and years – uninterrupted!


All of our software was developed in-house, in the US, and we offer professional services to adapt it to your needs quickly and affordably.

About TABLETmedia

Based in Silicon Valley, in 2001 TABLETmedia pioneered wireless VoIP and mobile videoconferencing for cellular devices and operators. As Intel’s top partner in the field, several device and equipment manufacturers embedded its software in high-volume products.

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