text@trbo: Email Gateway

text@trbo™ is an email gateway for MOTOTRBO™ radios that enables 2-way radio users to send, receive, and reply to emails as text messages.

Text messages are an ideal communication tool: they are faster, more accurate, and less obtrusive than voice communications. For instance, you can:

  • Bridge hospitality applications to radios
  • Create your own radio-based work order management workflow
  • Send messages from radios to cellphone users via SMS
  • Increase productivity by communicating with employees in the field.

text@trbo was designed as a proper middleware component. As such, it is very easy to deploy, reliable, and, more importantly affordable.

You can install it, connect via a simple cable the PC to the radio and in less than 10 minutes you are ready to send emails to radios. It can also directly interface to repeaters over the network.

text@trbo™ is compatible with significant hospitality and building management applications. In addition, it supports the proprietary interfaces (APIs) of HotSOS, SynergyMMS, Alice, and others, making deployments faster and more reliable.

One feature important to enterprises is the ability to pool radios: at the beginning of their shift users can pick from the charger any available device and just sign in with their ID. This eliminates the need to use the same radio every day: not only it may be inconvenient, but their job is unaffected if their radio is lost or breaks. In this case, emails are forwarded to user IDs in place of radio IDs.

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