Multi-Site Linking

PTT, Recording and Mass Notifications

It is often necessary to link sites without a repeater (simplex) to allow, for instance, security to immediately communicate in case of an emergency and to bridge UHF and VHF or digital and analog systems. Multiple TRBOserver systems connected to a dedicated control station in either DMR digital or analog mode can communicate PTT with each other while also recording all the calls.

Since this is a drop-in solution, it can be deployed faster and more cost-effectively than installing repeaters, procuring a new FCC license, and re-programming all the radios. It also provides an upgrade path when planning phased deployments.

TRBOserver systems installed at each location can also receive alarms from any source and broadcast locally and to other sites voice and PA announcements, text messages, telephone calls, and activate relays. Alarms can be triggered manually (e.g. radios button, man-down, panic buttons, or dial-in) or automated (fire alarms, machinery, video surveillance, weather, etc.).

Each system can also make and receive telephone calls: for instance, in an emergency, a button press can automatically dial 911. Similarly, a supervisor can reach radios from his smartphone.

Multi-site linking is one of TRBOserver’s many features.


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