Hosted Email Service

Hosted email service can be used for any vertical market, including hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, and construction. It can be used for work tickets, alert notifications, alarms, etc.

We offer drop-in systems that work right out of the box and that we manage and maintain for you.

  • Each site has its own custom domain
  • Individual email addresses for each radio and talkgroup
  • Pool radios by allowing users to sign-in
  • 100% pre-configured Plug’n’Play email gateway
  • 100% IP: connect to the repeaters via the local area network

All systems include TRBOmonitor to ensure your radio network runs smoothly, notifying us of any anomaly.

Product Resources

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About TABLETmedia

Based in Silicon Valley, in 2001 TABLETmedia pioneered wireless VoIP and mobile videoconferencing for cellular devices and operators. As Intel’s top partner in the field, several device and equipment manufacturers embedded its software in high-volume products.

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