NOAA Emergency Alert System

Severe Weather Alerts


Hurricanes, tornadoes, major storms, and fires have increasingly become a fact of life, and an increasing number of businesses that depend on NOAA EAS (Emergency Alert System) have adopted TABLETmedia’s solution because:

  • It is very flexible and can reach users on different types of devices at multiple locations
  • It increases employees’ safety: NOAA alerts can be repeated until the alert is over
  • Voice announcements are guaranteed to be delivered since it actively monitors channels and does not transmit when they are busy
  • It remains up to date with NOAA’s list of alerts. For instance, some new alerts include evacuation, fire, dam break, landslide, power outage, and abduction

This solution benefits from TRBOserver‘s versatility:

  • NOAA EAS codes received from quality software-defined radios (SDRs) are converted into plain English text messages and audio
  • Text Notifications are sent via email and SMS
  • Voice announcements are played simultaneously to multiple groups on digital and analog 2-way radios, PA systems, and smartphones
  • NOAA alerts can also trigger alarms with Avigilon, IoT, and other devices


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