Diagnostics & Monitoring Service

webtracker@trbo™ is a cloud-based service to track radio assets. Its unique strengths include reliability, user management, flexibility of configuration, and amount of reporting.

As in any true cloud-based system, each customer account has its unique, fully customizable configuration. Within each account, the system allows:

  • unlimited groups to which radios can be assigned (e.g. security, maintenance, etc.)
  • unlimited number of geozeones, geocorridors
  • unlimited number of user accounts, each with its own credentials and different rights to access the account information
  • unlimited number of event rules can be defined to trigger alert notifications via email, such as exiting a geocorridor, a door open, or an emergency
  • define measurement units (metric/imperial), timezone, and other localization settings
  • foreign languages

Besides providing fleet maps and animated breadcrumbs of individual radios, some of the reports include:

  • trip detail: start time/location, and stop time/location
  • geozone: arrival/departure times, time spent within each, and driving time between them
  • ignition detail/summary: displays time between various Ignition On/Off events
  • GPS-based odometer reading (miles)
  • account and user login: last account login times and login time for users within the account

Fully licensed Google Maps are supported, and so are OpenStreetMaps

webtracker@trbo™ interfaces to subscribers either via control stations or directly to the repeaters via the network and supports any MOTOTRBO topology (simplex, conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, LCP, and ConnectPlus) and can do all of the above simultaneously! That means that operators can support at the same time older and newer networks, even if they are on different systems.

Customers can see their subscribers in one single interface independently of what network their radio is on. Managing customers and assets is easy too, since each customer is assigned a specific number of radios and radio codes.

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