Video Surveillance Integration

TRBOserver brings Milestone XProtect, Avigilon Unity, and Verkada VMS systems many bi-directional alarm and notification capabilities options. It notifies different types of users and devices, including analog and digital 2-way radios, telephones, PA systems, and IoT devices.

It automates the distribution of notifications and brings them most efficiently to the appropriate parties. This enables employees to act more efficiently, improving situational awareness, employee safety, and loss prevention while reaching any part of an organization.

Examples of what the integration can accomplish:

  • Simultaneously dispatch voice announcements to any analog or DMR digital 2-way radios, telephones, PAs, and text messages to groups or individual DMR radios
  • Acknowledge or trigger alarms from Motorola MOTOTRBO radios
  • Trigger alarms via telephone with a simple code
  • Alarms activate relays via radio telemetry
  • Receive POS text notifications on ACC clients, including faulty machinery, fire, NOAA severe weather reports, and emergency alerts
  • Direct alarms to the most appropriate destination using time- and content-specific rules

TRBOserver is a versatile product that:

  • Integrates the capabilities of multiple systems into one single solution to enable more straightforward, affordable, and reliable deployments
  • Delivers additional radio-centric capabilities such as emergency / man-down / lone worker alerts, telephone interconnect, indoor/outdoor location, job ticketing, employee accountability, and safety, as well as alarms from fire panels, HVAC, BDAs, and malfunctioning equipment
  • Future-proofs the ever-changing requirements of any organization

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