Process Control and Automation

Imagine being able to completely automate when and how all of your notifications are distributed.

Weather alerts come from video surveillance, SCADA, PLC, IoT, or other devices using Modbus, MQTT, SNMP, Web APIs, or any interface, TRBOserver can notify any user on radios or smartphones, and even control devices to open gates, activate sirens,, or activate pumps.

Radio users can trigger alarms, which can escalate when they are not acknowledged.

The simplest examples are to analyze the incoming alerts and route them based on the time of day or the priority level. IoT device input can also be embedded in the notifications and used to monitor performance.

The benefit is more effective communication and response.

How is it done?

TRBOserver has its routing engine for alarms and mass notification, which handles inputs from different sources and forwards each input to a sequence of outputs.

In addition, it also integrates Node-RED, the #1 browser-based flow-editing tool. Originally developed by IBM, it allows to drag and drop nodes to create flowcharts that match the desired workflow. It also enables interactive dashboards with charts, buttons, and lists to open gates or monitor machinery. Node-RED has a very active community that has contributed thousands of extensions.

Sounds complicated? No problem at all; we are here to help you, and for the most complex cases, we can help with custom development.

Nodered- Editor

Flow-Based Editor

Nodered- Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard

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