Alarm & Mass Notifications

TABLETmedia’s notification solution is an amazingly versatile platform that simultaneously receives inputs from different trigger sources and for each creates multiple notifications to different types of devices at different sites.

Types of trigger inputs include:
  • Radio emergency, lone worker, man down, text message, or just button press
  • Video surveillance cameras such as Avigilon and Verkada
  • Contact closures from fire panels, BDAs, manufacturing equipment, HVAC, etc.
  • SCADA, PLC, and RTU systems
  • NOAA severe weather alerts
  • Telephone calls
  • Telemetry
Output notifications include:
  • Announcements to analog and digital radios
  • Text messages to digital radios
  • Telephone calls
  • Announcements to PA systems
  • Telemetry and relay closures
  • Email and SMS

For instance, all of the actions below can be programmed to occur with one single application:

  • When a fire alarm activates, it turns on a siren, makes an announcement over the PA system, places a call to 911, opens all exit doors, and alerts all groups of radios.
  • When a surveillance camera detects an intruder, security radios are immediately notified with an announcement converted into audio using text-to-speech. If a radio does not acknowledge an alarm, it can be escalated to the next available resource.
  • When a boiler overheats, it sends a text message to the maintenance radios and notifies the supervisor with a phone call on his smartphone.

Other examples include:

  • An active shooter situation is notified by dialing an extension on the internal campus phone, dialing a code, and then hanging up. A telephone call is then placed to 911, all teachers and classrooms are alerted, and specific doors are immediately locked.
  • Emergency Stop System: in open fields with heavy machinery (e.g. mines or waste disposal), in case of an accident on-foot personnel presses the emergency button on the radio to turn on for 7 seconds lights and sirens inside the trucks while recording all voice calls and sending an email to a supervisor.
  • Manufacturing plants with tenths of SCADA alarms: depending on the priority, different alarms are sent to different groups both on digital and analog radios. Alarms are reset directly by pressing a button on a supervisor’s radio.

The notification system also works at multiple sites:

  • A severe weather message alert is broadcast to all schools in a district, converted into voice, and played out at each one to low-tier analog radios on the local simplex frequencies.
  • Tornado warning: an announcement is manually sent by a dispatcher, converted into voice, played to PA systems, and multiple shelter gates are opened immediately.

Alarm and mass notifications are one of TRBOserver’s many features.

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