Diagnostics & Monitoring Service

  • “A game-changer”
  • “I have been waiting for 10 years for a tool like this”
  • “In 5 years all systems will be sold with managed services”
  • “As discussed all XXX TRBO installations will have your monitoring in them”
  • “I love TRBOmonitor. It’s great! What a useful tool”
  • “I liked the easy setup procedure and quick results that are perfect for a service call to collect call-in RSSIs from the repeaters.”
  • “This is a VERY useful tool”
  • “Not only did we fix the interference problem, but we also found a problem with a rest channel IP address in one of the peer repeaters. Now it’s all working fine! Great program. Already found and corrected major problems.”
  • I really like the software. It helped me get more granular in my troubleshooting.”

TRBOmonitor is a simple yet compelling proactive diagnostic service for 24/7/365 real-time monitoring of MOTOTRBO radio networks, which sends alerts about critical conditions or when the network needs attention.

TRBOmonitor PRO is the first platform that brings true Business Intelligence to MOTOTRBO. It includes a fully customizable interactive portal where you can easily create any report with tables, lines, pie, and bar charts and add them to a dashboard.

Peace of mind: you have invested in your radio network, so why not make sure that it runs optimally and that you are notified when your infrastructure has an issue or it’s not functioning as it should?

As a cloud-based solution, TRBOmonitor takes the hassle away from checking the health of your system and provides critical information in case of failure.

The TRBOmonitor client is installed on-site, communicates directly with the primary repeater, and transmits all data and events to our fault-tolerant cloud servers over any wired or cellular network. It:

  • Displays real-time repeater traffic, including failures and signal levels of every call
  • Automatically checks VSWR, TX power, and temperatures, sending alerts upon reaching thresholds
  • Can be used by technicians to diagnose issues in the field

Examples of what TRBOmonitor can diagnose include:

  • Detect interference and different types of busies
  • Measure repeaters’ network latency in multi-site systems
  • Display the signal strength (RSSI) of each radio transmission
  • Troubleshoot radio programming errors
  • Detect and automatically disable rogue radios and unauthorized transmissions
  • Send alerts to find lost radios
  • Remotely reset and disable repeaters

With TRBOmonitor PRO there is no limit to how many reports, dashboards, or alerts you can create, and you can even set up graphical automated report emails. It allows customer logins for individual systems and multi-tenant logins for dealers to view multiple systems at a glance.

TRBOmonitor’s client support for SNMP and other protocols. It is convenient to have a single solution to simultaneously monitor radio repeaters and external sources such as DAS and BDAs.







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