Notifications, PBX integration, employee safety and efficiency

Tenths of thousands of manufacturing facilities worldwide use 2-way radios as their preferred communication method.

TABLETmedia’s products enable the very same devices to improve the efficiency of their operations while improving employee safety.

In many cases, one simple server is all it’s needed to interface to SCADA and other alarm systems, PBXes, PAs, and other capabilities.

We also help them stay safe during the day with WorkSafe.


Our server ties directly into Wonderware, Siemens, Honeywell, C-cure, Zetron, GE, fire panels, and other SCADA / PLC sources. Notifications are then sent to:

  • Digital radios as text messages
  • Analog and digital radios as voice announcements
  • Emails and SMS
  • Telephones using text-to-speech
  • Open gates or activate sirens

The radio can open gates, turn on pumps, and activate other equipment by pressing dedicated buttons.

In addition, TRBOserver enables complete control and automation of notifications coming from any device, including SCADA, PLC, and IoT, based on any criteria, such as time and priority, and escalation.

PBX Integration

Through our telephone interconnect we connect to the facility’s VoIP telephone system to:

  • Make calls to groups and individual radios
  • Dial internal or external telephones from the radios
  • Automatically dial security or 911 in case of an emergency

The quality of telephone calls is very clear and responsive, and typically telephone callers are not even aware that they are talking to someone on a PTT device.

PBX integration can be used to dial phones and play alert messages converted in real time with text-to-speech. Users can also enter a code via DTMF to trigger alarms.

Indoor Location

We support the Apple iBeacons technology built inside the radios to determine the location of employees.

This is not commonly used to monitor their whereabouts constantly, but, in case of an emergency, to send a notification with the indication of the last known location.

Job Tickets

Job Ticketing is about keeping track of tasks assigned to employees, which we handle via our browser-based job ticketing and webmail messaging solutions.

The typical functions supported include:

  • User sign-in to enable users to pool the radios
  • Replying to job tickets
  • Create job tickets
  • Receive and reply to text messages
About TABLETmedia

Based in Silicon Valley, in 2001 TABLETmedia pioneered wireless VoIP and mobile videoconferencing for cellular devices and operators. As Intel’s top partner in the field, several device and equipment manufacturers embedded its software in high-volume products.

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