Wireline Voice Recorder

TRBOrecorder is a robust and secure application to record group and private voice calls directly from MOTOTRBO repeaters. 

It enhances the security and offers liablity protection to radio users..

Set it and forget it: it is the ideal companion of single site conventional, IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus (single site) systems. It is a very simple to deploy software-only solution and runs securely in the background, even after a power failure,  until needed.

  • Unlimited channels and radios: no need to reconfigure the software when adding talkgroups and radios: TRBOrecorder does it automatically.
  • Simple to use: the user inteface is very intuitive and can be operated even by non-technical personnel.
  • Robust: the application was designed to reliably handle to load of system with thousands of calls per hour.
  • No donor radios! Its wireline interface means that it communicates with the repeaters over the network providing a more reliable operation and a cleaner deployment without stacks of control stations, power supplies, and antennas.