Integrated Application Server

A true Swiss army knife

TRBOserver is the most versatile server for MOTOTRBO 2-way radios: it integrates multiple simultaneously running functions and adapts to different system and network configurations.

For instance, it has been used to:

  • integrate with telephone systems while also handling fire alarms and emergency notifications with the location of the accident
  • interface with SCADA/PLC devices, while controlling the opening of gates
  • send notificationsĀ of severe weather alerts, while handling GPS for 3rd party AVL systems

Its multi-site capability allows emails sent to a single domain to be delivered to radios at different locations, frequency bands, and even MOTOTRBO architectures (e.g. simplex, IPSC, and trunking). Similarly, it is used to bridge voice communications between different systems and sites: think of extending communications over the security channel to remote schools operating without repeaters in simplex mode. It can also simultaneously distribute mass notifications.

In a networked configuration, it is used for dispatch and recording or for job ticketing.

The benefits are simple:

  • Get more value from radios beyond PTT voice
  • Server-based solution, requires no on-duty dispatcher
  • One single application means simpler management and improved reliability
It works in standalone, self-contained mode, in multi-site deployments, or as part of larger dispatch and AVL solutions.