Integrated Application Server

A true Swiss army knife

TRBOserver is the most versatile server for MOTOTRBO 2-way radios: it integrates multiple simultaneously-running functions and adapts to different system and network configurations.

For instance, it has been used to:

  • integrate with telephone systems while also handling fire alarms and emergency notifications with the location of the accident
  • interface with SCADA/PLC devices, while controlling the opening of gates
  • send notifications of severe weather alerts, while handling GPS for 3rd party AVL systems

Its multi-site capability allows emails sent to a single domain to be delivered to radios at different locations, frequency bands and even MOTOTRBO architectures (e.g. simplex, IPSC, and trunking).

The benefits are simple:

  • Get more value from radios beyond PTT voice
  • Server-based solution, requires no on-duty dispatcher
  • One single application means simpler management
It works in standalone, self-contained mode, in multi-site deployments or as part of larger dispatch and AVL solutions.