Indoor Location

When you care about your employee safety or their accountability. 

For instance:

  • Just received an emergency notification on your radio or via email? OK… but where around the property is it?
  • Someone is not answering a call. Where are they?
  • Has someone left the building or accessed a restricted area?
  • Want to know who just entered that area or went by a door?
  • Need to run a report of a user’s whereabouts or who accessed an area?

TABLETmedia’s solution is the simplest and most effective one for your MOTOTRBO radios. It supports two modes of operation:

  • On-demand:
    • Emergency/Man down/Lone worker: send the notification with the last known location
    • Request the location of a radio from another radio, smartphone or desktop
    • Manual check-in: a security guard presses a button on its radio in specific locations around the building 
  • Continuous monitoring: automatically track the route of a security guard, and monitor when an employee enters a restricted area.

Reporting is provided via the browser and can be easily configured to fit your needs.

Indoor location is one of TRBOserver’s many features.