Job Ticketing

Job tickets are all about tasks management. Whether it’s a hotel, convention center, plumber, public utility, distribution center, manufacturing plant, delivery vehicles or many other cases, most businesses need to assign tasks to employees and easily track their progress and timely completion.

TABLETmedia’s Job Ticketing solution is very simple to use, yet very flexible in its setup and supports both 2-way radios and smartphones. In addition, tickets can be created by staff as well as external customers. 


  • assign tickets to employees who reply with status updates. Staff with MOTOTRBO radios quickly reply with as little as two keyclicks!
  • monitor the progress and completion of tasks via the dashboard updated in real time. They can also annotate, modify and assign them to other employees.
  • run reports on outstanding tickets and overall completion by employee or by category

Tickets are assigned categories to distinguish the different departments, e.g. housekeeping and engineering, and via custom forms can be tailored to the specific request.

TABLETmedia’s Job Ticketing solution is browser-based allowing anyone to dispatch from their onsite PC or mobile device. No client software, with related update and maintenance needs, is required and an unlimited number of simultaneous dispatchers can access the system at no additional cost. 

It is completely self-contained in one of our pre-configured systems minimizing the required amount of IT support. It communicates with MOTOTRBO radios via control stations over USB or directly to the repeaters over the network.

Job Ticketing Interface