Maintaining safety in the workplace





Make radios part of the COVID-19 solution.


WorkSafe helps employees stay safe through the day while protecting employers from potential downtime. Human natures teaches us that signs and posters are easily overlooked and disregarded over time. WorkSafe brings COVID-safety right into the hands of workers and stays with them through their shift.

When employees start working and turn on the radios, they are asked to sign in with their ID and are then sent a list to questions to which they reply with a simple YES or NO button press. For instance:

  • Are you wearing your mask?
  • Did you have any symptoms in the past 24 hours?
  • Is everyone around you practicing safe measures?

A NO reply immediately notifies a supervisor via email.

In addition:

  • A “Stay safe and wear your mask” reminder message is sent every few hours.
  • They can also silently report a safety infraction to a supervisor by pressing a button on their radios

All the information is logged and the solution is fully configurable, including its operation, messages, replies that cause the notification and timings. 

It’s very simple to use and train personnel, and simple can be good.

WorkSafe is one of TRBOserver’s many features.